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Vumero Sports is the world’s business education and global expansion partner for the Sports Data, Digital and Sports Technology industries.

With a network of over 10,000 people, Vumero Sports create data-driven education, C-Level training, certifications, conferences and events for sports teams, media, health and entertainment companies and vendors around the world, at every level of competition, to learn new skills and technologies like computer vision, sports business, data visualization, customer analytics, machine learning and AI to provide fan engagement and team performance solutions to our global partners. We connect professional teams, governments, coaches, businesses, athletes, startups, fans and athletes with the powerful technical skills and insights they need to win.  Our International Expansion service are a full-service agency to help expand new products and new services into growth markets of Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas.  We deliver sports leaders in digital, data and technology with education, training and global expansion expertise.

Business Education and Events for 10,000 People Worldwide.

Sports Analytics World Series -- 5,000 People

Vumero Sports powers the world’s largest conference series called the “Sports Analytics World Series” to celebrate and showcase the latest in Sports Technology, Sports Data and Sports Entrepreneurship.  Join 5,000 people in Australia, India, UK, Netherlands, China and Japan to learn, network and collaborate with leaders and gamechangers in the Sports, Media, Entertainment, Health, Technology and Betting markets. Conferences are a powerful way to learn, improve and share and discuss the latest trends, tools and strategies. We’re one of the world’s largest event companies in Sports Tech.

Sports Data Training & Workshops

Sports Data Global Training programs are designed for Young and Emerging Leaders in the world’s of Sports, Media and Entertainment.  We help Sports Teams and Leagues with practical, real-world workshops focused on Sports and Data Science, Sports Marketing, Sports Business and Sports Technology. Clubs, teams and leagues experience the future of sports technology first with our unique training format. From injury prevention, internet-of-things, wearables, sports high performance, sports data science, artificial intelligence, startups and sports tech innovators.

Online Competitions and Hackathons

Vumero Sports delivers educational activities to help university students and young professionals develop hands-on practical skills in data in sports.  For example, the Sports Analytics World Championships 2018 and Sports Technology Hackathon programs across the world.  Solve real-world data science, fan engagement, sports artificial intelligence, high performance challenges with Vumero Sports online and physical challenges.


Vumero Sports Executive Education (VSEE) focuses on designing and delivering executive education solutions for global organizations. We leverage our world-class network of trainers and leaders. We work closely with our clients to understand their strategic challenges and identify the critical capabilities their employees need to succeed in the future, then design and deliver education solutions to build those capabilities in Sports Technology, Sports Data, Sports Business and Sports Entreprneurship.

Strategy & Advice

Vumero Sports develops, implements, manages and commercialises digital, technology and data projects. Vumero Sports advises Governments and National Organisations on strategy, ecosystem and commercialisation.  From Trade Missions, Expert Advisory Panels (EAPs), Industry Research, Startup Integration programs and M&A Insights, Vumero Sports leverages it’s proprietary network and global partners to provide game-changing consulting insights.

Global Expansion & Distribution Partner

Vumero Sports helps companies with international expansion in Sports, Media, Entertainment, Health, Data and Technology markets. We help major established companies and emerging startups launch into new markets and new categories with global marketing distribution, R&D, partnerships, supply chain solutions and end-to-end strategic advice for companies to win at the intersection of Sports Data, Sports Digital and Sports Technology.


Vumero Sports Advisory

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Vumero Sports helps sports organizations identify the right sports technologies for athletes and fans and showcases future champions for every sport.